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Only crashes which occurred on the Isle of Wight,or close to the shoreline are to be included in this list.For crashes in the Solent area check also on the Hampshire Crash list.If you have any additions or comments please CONTACT ME- Updated 14 Feb 2016

	16-08-11	           Boxkite	cr Merton Cross en route Newport to Ventnor
        15-04-13            Bristol??,cr on trip Cowes-Calshot ,no casualties
        13-05-13            Seaplane No.1,J S White & Co,cr on take off maiden flight at Cowes.
                            Pilot Harold Wright injured.
        10-07-13            Seaplane No.2(rebuilt No1)cr off Egypt point on test flight 
                            No Casualties 
        ??-09-16            White Quadriplane cr landing short of Somerton casualties		
	07-09-16 9841	    Wight Landplane ,cr at Ruffins Copse,Gurnard on 2nd flight,2 killed(Ralph & Allen Lashmar)
        31-03-17            White Quadriplane cr nr Somerton Aerodrome ,Pilot M Manton survived. 
        ??-3-19             Avro (biplane).RAF, cr  Buckberry ,Newport.2 POB unhurt . 				
	07-09-20 N7997	    Sopwith Cuckoo, cr Sandown Bay
        12-12-23 N4570      Felixstowe F2A,480Flt,cr on t/o Cowes
        15-05-24 N4499	    Felixstowe F2A,from Calshot.w/o  after heavy landing on Solent
        14-07-24 N4120      Felixstowe F5 ,forced landing at Cowes
        17-08-26 N9799      Blackburn Dart,cr in fog on the downs(nr Shalcombe),Pilot Lt.Llewellyn-Rees killed. 
        06-09-27 G-EBRC     Avro Avian II, ditched off Ventnor.   
        11-03-29 S1129      Blackburn Dart forced landing in Solent,.no casualties.        			
	14-03-30 S1044	    Southampton	,accident at Bembridge			
	04-11-30	           Fairey Flycatcher,cr nr IoW	
        15-07-33 G-ABUJ     DH.80 cr in sea  off Seaview.  			
	07-11-34 G-AAAG	    DH.60X	cr in Solent in bad weather,2 killed.
        05-03-35 K3631,     Hawker Osprey,fr Gosport, cr 7m S of Nab Twr,1 killed,1 missing. 		
	20-03-36 G-ABVB	    Westland Wessex,cr at Ryde,pilot injured 
        24-02-36 S1828      Fairey IIIF , SNC, cr & sank nr Needles
        22-06-36 S1562      Blackburn Baffin flew into rigging on SS Normandie in Ryde roads,  
        22-07-36 G-ACBP     Airspeed SM1,fcd ldg off Bembridge(out of fuel )  
                            cr on foredeck.No casualties.
        03-09-37            Hawker Osprey, cr whilst landing on HMS Furious ,nr Ryde.Pilot killed.
        25-10-38 K4773      Saro A33,Structural failure of wing while taking off nr Cowes.No casualties.  
        07-02-39 L2384      Blackburn Shark II,2 AACU,Ditched off Eastney, engine failure,No casualties. 
        14-08-39 L2342      Blackburn Shark II,2 AACU crlanding Stokes bay - Engine failure,no casualties 
        21-08-39 K4603      Vickers Vildebeest III cr in sea 1m off Bembridge.crew survived. 
        21-08-39 G-AAAL     DH60G Gipsy Moth , cr at Lea airfield  during  flying lesson . Instructor
                            Count Adam Michael (Mihaly) Karolyi died later of injuries- Student OK.   
        23-08-39 L2776(unconfirmed)Swordfish,771 Sq.FAA,Fcd ldg nr Players Copse,nr Ryde 
        19-09-39 L2769      SwordfishMk1,TTU Gosport,Ditched 1m W of Nab Tower,Engine Failure.
        26-09-39 K5983      Sworfish Mk1,A Flt in sea 5m sw of casualties.
        06-01-40 K6246      Anson 1     48Sq cr The Hermitage,St Catherines Down. 3 killed 
        05-02-40 K8934      Blackburn Shark III.TTU Gosport,fcd ldg in sea off Hillhead.w/ cas.  
        06-03-40 L7650      Swordfish Mk1,cr in sea off cas.       
        03-06-40 P2269      Battle 1    12 OTU, cr Puckpool Hill,Appley Rd,Ryde, 2 killed 1 injured.
                            S/d by"friendly fire"
        11-07-40 P3681      Hurricane 1 cr Loft Righe,Cranmore
        11-07-40            Do17P,2(F)11,s/d  by 601SQ Hurricanes 20m S St.Catherines Pt
        16-07-40 B3+GP      Ju88a,6/KG54,s/d  by 601SQ,cr in sea  nr St Catherines Pt.2 killed,2 rescued.
        18-07-40 K9990      Spitfire,52Sq, hit by Friendly fire, cr in sea  off IoW.Pilot baled out.
        20-07-40 P3964      Hurricane 1 ,43SQ s/d by  he115 cr in se S of Needles, Pilot  missing.
        21-07-40 P3973      Hurricane 1,43SQ, Mid air  with Bf109e-4 7/Jg27.Both a/c cr in sea 5m S of Needles
                            Both pilots missing.     
        25-07-40            BF109E-4      III./JG27 cr in sea  10m S St Catherines Pt.Pilot MIA
        26-07-40 P2753      Hurricane 1,601Sq s/d & cr S of St Catherines Pt .Pilot KIA
        01-08-40 K6408      Vickers Vildebeest.22SQhit sea nr Ryde Pier during Torpede dropping practise
                            Both crew  killed.  
        08-08-40 S2+LM/5600 Ju87B.Forced landing at St Lawrence -damaged in combat with 145Sq Hurricane P3896
        08-08-40 P3267      Hurricane 1 43Sq,fcd ldg Ford Farm nr Whitwell due engine failure.
        08-08-40 P3468      Hurricane 1 43Sq cr in sea S of Ventnor, pilot KIA
        08-08-40 P3781      Hurricane 1 43Sq cr in sea off St Lawrence, pilot KIA
        08-08-40 P3545      Hurricane 1 145Sq cr in sea S of Ventnor, pilot KIA
        08-08-40 P3163      Hurricane 1 145Sq cr in sea S of Needles, pilot KIA
        08-08-40 P3381      Hurricane 1 145Sq s/d by Bf109 cr in sea SW IOW, pilot KIA
        08-08-40 P2955      Hurricane 1 145Sq cr in sea SW IOW, pilot KIA
        08-08-40 P2957      Hurricane 1 145Sq cr in sea SW of Compton Bay, pilot KIA
        08-08-40 P2981      Hurricane 1 257Sq  cr in sea off St Catherines Pt, pilot KIA
        08-08-40 P3823      Hurricane 1 238Sq cr in sea SW IOW, pilot KIA
        08-08-40 P2947      Hurricane 1 238Sq cr in sea SW IOW, pilotrescued
        08-08-40 P3617      Hurricane 1 238Sq cr in sea SW IOW, pilot KIA
        08-08-40            Bf110C4,V/LG1,cr in sea SW of Needles.2 KIA 
        08-08-40            Bf110C4,V/LG1,cr in sea SW of Needles.1 KIA ,1 MIA
        08-08-40            Bf109e,/JG27,cr in sea   off Atherfield PilotKIA  
        08-08-40            Bf109e,/JG27,cr in sea    Monks Bay PilotKIA
        08-08-40            Bf109e,2/JG7,cr in sea S of Ventnor Pilot rescued 
        08-08-40            Bf109e,2/JG7,cr in sea SW  of St Catherines Pilot rescued    
        08-08-40            Bf109e,2/JG7,cr in sea SW  of St Catherines Pilot rescued 
        08-08-40            Bf109e,2/JG7,cr in sea SW  off Brook Pilot KIA   
        08-08-40            Bf109e,9/jg27,cr in sea S of Ventnor Pilot rescued 
        08-08-40            Bf109e,9/jg27,cr in sea S of Needles Pilot rescued 
        08-08-40            Ju87 3/STG3,cr in sea S of Ventnor.2 KIA 
        08-08-40            Ju87 2/STG3,cr in sea S of IOW.2 KIA 
        08-08-40            Ju87 2/STG3,cr in sea S of IOW.2 MIA 
        08-08-40            Ju87 4/STG77,cr in sea S of IOW.2 KIA 
        08-08-40            Ju87 1/STG3,cr in sea off  Brighstone.2 KIA 
        08-08-40            Ju87 1/STG77,cr in sea  off Blackgang.2 KIA 
        08-08-40            He59 ASR aircraft of SeenotFlugKDO cr in sea S of St Catherines Pt .crew MIA
        11-08-40            Bf109E in sea S of Needles.Pilot MIA
        11-08-40            Bf109E in sea SW of IOW.Pilot KIA
        11-08-40 P3172      Hurricane   1Sq.Forced landing Sandown Golf Course.Pilot  killed. 
        11-08-40 V7294      Hurricane 1 145 Sq,s/d & cr S of Needles.Pilot MIA
        11-08-40 P3164      Hurricane 1 145 Sq,cr lndg just S of Mottistone Manor.  
        12-08-40 N3175      Spitfire 1 266Sq,fcd lndg Bembridge Airport, dbf,pilot OK
        12-08-40 N9333      Spitfire 1 266Sq,cr in sea ogff Portsmouth,Pilot KIA
        12-08-40 P9546      Spitfire 1 152Sq,cr in sea  SW Ventnor. Pilot MIA
        12-08-40 K9999      Spitfire 1 152Sq,cr in sea  of St Catherines Pt. Pilot KIA
        12-08-40 P3736      Spitfire 1 145Sq,cr in sea  S of IOW. Pilot KIA
        12-08-40 R4176      Spitfire 1 145Sq,cr in sea  S of IOW. Pilot KIA
        12-08-40 P3391      Spitfire 1 145Sq,cr in sea  S of IOW. 
        12-08-40 R4180      Spitfire 1 145Sq,cr in sea  S Ventnor. Pilot KIA
        12-08-40 P3662      Spitfire 1 257Sq,cr in sea  Spithead. Pilot MIA
        12-08-40            Bf110 2/ZG2 ,cr in sea off Ryde.2 KIA
        12-08-40 9K+F2      Ju88a 3/KG51,cr in sea off Ryde.4 KIA
        12-08-40            Ju88a 3/KG51,cr in sea off IOW.4 KIA
        12-08-40            Ju88a 6/KG51,cr in sea off IOW.4 KIA
        12-08-40            Ju88a 8/KG51,cr in sea off Ryde.4 KIA
        12-08-40 9K+AA      Ju88A,Stab KG51 shot down,cr Godshill Park.1 killed 3 injured.
        13-08-40 P3764      Hurricane 1 s/d,cr in sea S of IOW.Pilot rescued
        15-08-40            Do-17P,3(F)31,s/d cr in sea S of Ventnor 3 KIA
        15-08-40            Bf110c 7/ZG76,s/d cr in sea S of IOW,.2KIA
        15-08-40 M8+BP      Bf110C 2/zg76 shot down and forced landing North Ashey Down,1 killed by Ground forces..
        15-08-40 MB+WP      Bf110C,6/ in sea S of IOW,2 MIA. 
        15-08-40            Bf110C,7/ in sea S of IOW,2 MIA. 
        16-08-40 ?2+??      Bf109E-4,2/JG53 Forced landing Bathingbourne Farm,  Godshill after combat
        16-08-40            He111P,1/KG27,cr in sea S of IOW,crew rescued. 
        16-08-40 N3251      Hurricane 1 43Sq , cr Horsebridge Hill, Parkhurst. 
        16-08-40 X4016      Spitfire 1,234Sq,s/d cr nr the Heights,Ventnor,  Pilot(Flg Off Connor )Baled out, OK.   
        18-08-40 1455 /6    Bf109E-4 6/JG27   Forced Landing at St Martins Down  after combat
        18-08-40            Bf109E-4 6/JG27 (w/n 22301/255)  cr at Tapnell Farm,nr Freshwater after combat 
        18-08-40            Bf109E 6/JG27 cr St Martin's Down Wroxall.
        18-08-40 6+         Bf109E. 1/JG27 cr in sea S off Monks Bay.1 KIA
        18-08-40            Bf109E-4 2/JG27    shot down ,cr in sea offRyde. 1 KIA
        18-08-40            Bf109E-4 7/JG27    shot down ,cr in sea off Sandown. 1 KIA
        18-08-40            Bf109E    /JG27    s/d cr in sea S of IOW.1 KIA 
        18-08-40            Ju87    1 /Stg77 s/d cr in sea nr Nab Tower.2 KIA 
        19-08-40 9K+FR      Ju88-A1 3/kg51,s/d cr in sea  off Ryde,4 MIA 
        20-08-40 M7+EH      Ju88  3/KG51.s/d cr in western Solent,4 MIA
        20-08-40            Ju88 2/KG54,cr in sea SW of IOW 4 MIA
        20-08-40            Ju88 2/KG54,cr in sea S of  IOW 4 MIA
        21-08-40            Ju88 9/LG1,cr in sea SW of Needles. 4KIA                 
	24-08-40            Bf109E-4 6/JG2 s/d & crashed Greatwoods copse,Shanklin .Pilot drowned in sea 
        24-08-40 T1804      Blenheim 235Sq,s/d in error by 1(RCAF) Sq,cr Bracklesham bay- 2 killed.
        24-08-40 N3239      Spitfire 1,234 Sq,cr Little Burbridge Farm, nr Godshill,after combat.  
        24-08-40 L1082      Spitfire 1.609Sq,s/d and fcd ldg at Tapnell Farm,nr Freshwater.
        24-08-40            Bf109E 6/JG1 cr Cowlease Hill nr Shanklin. 
        25-08-40            Bf110C4 3/ in sea  SW of Needles  
        25-08-40            Bf109e 3/JG2 cr in sea s of IOW.
        25-08-40            Bf109e 3/JG2 cr in sea se of IOW.1 MIA 
        26-08-40 G1+GN      He111,5/kg55 s/d cr in sea off Hanover Pt.  
        26-08-40            He59 KD/02 cr in sea S of Nab Tower.3 KIA 
        19-09-40 9K+DL      Ju88 1/KG51,sd by Hurricane L1562 & cr 10m S of St Catherines Pt. 
        26-09-40 P5205      Hurricane 1.607Sq cr nr Sun Inn Calbourne. 
        26-09-40 P3830      Hurricane 1.238Sq cr Merlins  Farm Calbourne,.Pilot OK
        26-09-40 P3098      Hurricane 1,238Sq cr in sea SW of IOW.1 MIA.
        26-09-40 P5205      Hurricane 1 607Sq, cr Colemans Farm Porchfield..
        26-09-40 K9882      Spitfire 1  cr in sea SW of Needles.1 KIA
        26-09-40 K9982      Spitfire 1,cr in sea S of Needles.Pilot OK  
        26-09-40 3094/3U+AR Bf110-C4 7/ZG26 cr Tapnell Farm nr Freshwater.2 KIA   
        26-09-40 U8+HH      Bf110.1/ZG26,cr at Bleakdown nr Chequers PH.
        26-09-40 2187?5F+CM Bf110 4/ in sea Saltmead Ledge Thorness Bay.2 KIA 
        26-09-40 G1+GK      He111H2/KG55 ,cr in Western Solents, 5 MIA   
        28-09-40 V6776      Hurricane 1 238Sq,cr north side of Culver Down after combat
                                        over Fareham. Pilot Sgt Eric Bann,baled out but 
                                        parachute failed and he was killed  at Centurion
        28-09-40 P3836      Hurricane 1,238Sq s/d cr in Solent  1 KIA
        28-09-40 N2400      Hurricane 1,238 SQ  cr in sea at Forelands. 1 KIA
        28-09-40 L1770      Hurricane 1,213 Sq, s/d cr in Whitecliff Bay.Pilot rescued.
        30-09-40 4U+MH      Ju88A-1, 1(F)123, cr in sea off Ventnor
        01-10-40            Bf110D ,1/ZG26  s/d & cr in sea W of IOW,2 KIA.
        15-10-40 1588/8     Bf109E, 3/JG2 ,shot-fcd ldg Bowecombe Down Nr Newport.Pilot captured 
        27-10-40 V6888      Hurricane 1 ,145Sq,cr in sea off Seaview. Pilot OK 
        27-10-40 V7592      Hurricane 1 ,145Sq,cr in sea at Forelands. Pilot OK 
        27-10-40 P3167      Hurricane 1 ,145Sq,cr in sea nr Nab Tower,.1 KIA
        27-10-40            Bf109e ,3/JG2 cr in sea off IOW. 
        29-10-40 P2720      Hurricane 1,213SQ,cr in Woody Bay nr Ventnor.P/O R.R.Hutley  killed. 
	06-11-40 V6627	    Hurricane1 145 Sq ,s/d cr nr Haseley Manor Pilot died later  of injuries rec'd .
        06-11-40 2751/Black1 Bf109E4	5/JG2.s/d cr in sea Monks Bay,IOW 1KIA			
	06-11-40 R4177	    Hurricane 1, 145 Sq	cr nr Duxmore Farm,nr Ashey.Pilot OK
        07-11-40            Bf109 3/JG2 cr in sea SE St Catherines Pt.  1 KIA 
	07-11-40 P2924	    Hurricane 1 145 SQ	cr Old Park St Lawrence.Pilot OK
        07-11-40 V6889      Hurricane 1,145Sq, cr in sea Littlestairs Pt,Shanklin,Pilot OK
        07-11-40 P2683	    Hurricane 1,145Sq	s/d cr ,a/c recovered.
        07-11-40 P2770      Hurricane 1,145 Sq cr Ashey Down .Pilot OK	
        24-11-40 3092/G1+KN He111H-4,II/KG55,s/d cr in sea off St Catherines Pt. 5 MIA	
	28-11-40 5344	    Bf109E4	Stab/JG2.listed by luftwaffe as shot down IOW
        28-11-40            Hurricane 213SQ s/d cr in sea off StCatherines Pt	
        28-11-40            Spitfire 609SQ s/d cr in sea  SW of Needles 1 KIA 
        28-11-40 X4586      Spitfire 1 609Sq s/d cr in sea SW of IOW. 
        28-11-40 P9427      Spitfire 1 152 SQ s/d cr in sea sw of IOW 1 KIA		
	28-11-40 N3242	    Spitfire 1 602 SQ cr Rill Farm pilot baled out killed.
        28-11-40 V6691      Hurricane 1 cr in sea  off St Catherines Pt. 1 MIA	
        19-12-40 L9823      Beaufort1,217 Sq, out of fuel ditched  3 m S of Needles		
	22-12-40 L6686	    Blenheim I	23Sq,cr Brading Down,	Pilot OK  2 crew killed.		
	22-03-41 V5396	    Blenheim I	 59 Sq fcd ldg  Brook- all OK a/c recovered.
	04-04-41 4224/V4+AR Ju88A-5,III/KG1,s/d cr in sea s of Needles 4 MIA	
	10-04-41 6N+HL	    He 111,3/KG100 cr The Hermitage,Whitwell 4 KIA, 1 survivor.	
        15-04-41 P7684	    Spitfire II,610Sq,cr in sea Spithead.1 MIA	
        21-04-41 P7812      Spitfire IIA 616Sq,cr in sea of IOW .Pilot baled out.
        27-04-41 0294/F6+AM Ju88A-1,4(F)/122 s/d in Solent 4 MIA. 
      	08-05-41 1G+CC	    He 111.2/KG27,	cr Farringford	,1 captured 3 killed.
        11-05-41 BŁ+LH      Ju88,1/KG54,s/d cr in sea Egypt Point. 1 KIA,3 MIA		
	29-05-41 7T+JH/8240 Ju88,3/KG606,s/d & 	cr Wellow Down.4 crew all killed.
                 Photos below(by Nigel R Watson) show the crash site in 2011 
                 and a marker placed there by Nigel commemorating the crew .
        11-06-41 AL254      Martlett881 Sq.mid-air with Fulmar N1924, both a/c cr in seaat Spithead.
        11-06-41 N1924      Fulmar - see above.all crew both a/c killed	
        23-06-41 Z3396      Hurricane 1 32SQ, flew into cliffs at Freshwater in fog. pilot killed.
        07-07-41 1G+AF      He111,KG100, s/d cr in sea SW of Needles.4KIA 
        07-07-41 6N+GK      He111,KG100, s/d cr in sea SW of Needles.4KIA
        07-07-41 iG+AP      He111,KG100, s/d cr in sea SW of Needles.5KIA  		
	24-07-41 4D+CH/7194 Ju 88.1/KG30.Forced Landing Yaverland,Bembridge.Crew captured
        01-08-41 L3126      Blackburn Roc 2AACU,Gosport, cr in sea off Eastney.Pilot OK
        20-09-41 T1439      Lysander ,SDF Christchurch,Ditched 12m S Steamer Point.i rescued,1 missing.		
	11-11-41 HH983	    Taylorcraft +C,651SQ cr Brading Down nr. Newport.				
	22-11-41 BD940	    Hurricane1,1 Sq,midair with Z8399,cr Playstreet Lane,Binstead,Pilot Killed
	22-11-41 Z3899	    Hurricane 1,1 Sq,see above,Dame Anthony's Common ,Ryde.Pilot OK
        14-02-42 AE397/EA-G Hampden 1 49Sq ditched of IOW out of Fuel -Crew OK
        09-03-42 DK687      Swordfish II,825 Sq, flew into sea in Solent 2 killed.
        17-03-42 DK691      Swordfish II,825Sq,Fcd Ldg at Godshill ,crew OK,A/c recovered
        15-04-42 L7317/ZN   Manchester.106 Sq,Ditched in Solent 1M short of Lee-on-Solent.
                            Out of Fuel.Crew OK 
	20-04-42 DK691	    Swordfish	cr nr Godshill			
	22-04-42 X4492/D-P  Spitfire PR.V1C.140Sq  Forced landing Borthwood Copse,nr Sandown .a/c recovered.
        02-05-42 X7693      Beaufighter,604Sq,cr in sea  nr Needles,crew baled out OK
        04-05-42            Do217, s/d & cr in sea Dunnose survivors.
	27-05-42 7626/4	    BF109f-4,10/JG2,s/d &  cr Yaverland	.Pilot killed		
	10-06-42 AR377	    Spitfire V,41 Sq,	cr Rowborough Farm.Pilot Injured			
	10-06-42 AD504	    Spitfire V,41 Sq,	cr Belvedere, St.Lawrence.Pilot injured			
	17-06-42 EN965	    Spitfire V,118Sq,	cr Atherfield.Pilot OK			
	28-07-42 K7985	    Gladiator	cr Culver midair with L8030.Pilot Killed			
	28-07-42 L8030	    Gladiator 	cr Culver- see above- pilot killed.			
	19-08-42 M2+FH/140718	Ju 88A-43/KG106.s/d & cr Wroxall Copse,1 killed .3  survived.			
	25-08-42 4U+GH	    Ju 88,1(F)123,Flew into ground  St Martins Down,3 killed 1 survivor.(or 28 Aug?)
        01-11-42 BR186	    Spitfire VI 616SQ	Flew into ground  Stenbury Down.F Sgt S Smith killed
        01-11-42 BR174	    Spitfire VI,616 Sq	Flew into ground   Stenbury Down.Pilot injured	
        07-11-42 BF634       Albacore I,823Sq, ditched S of IOW.1 killed 1 survivor 		
	20-12-42 W7768/G Eades Farm after engine problems ,405 Sq,RCAF crew(7) killed
        20-01-43 AG389       Mustang,400Sq s/d in error by Typhoons, cr S of St Catherines Pt.Pilot killed. 
        22-01-43 AE876/SB-N Ventura II.464 Elanors Grove,Binstead.4 crew survived			
	07-02-43 U5+GP/5315 Do 217-E2.6/KG2 cr Wroxall Farm, St Martins Down,crew(4) killed
        07-03-43 HS313      Swordfish II ,836Sq,flew into sea.2 killed .one survivor
	05-05-43 DP845      Spitfire(Griffon p'type)fcd ldg  Hale Common. no cas	
	05-05-43 BS538	    Spitfire,341SQ cr Arreton,nr Newchurch at1615,Engine failure.
                            Pilot was  Sous Lt Laurent(French)
	29-05-43 DN303	    Typhoon 1B	486SQ fcd ldg Brading Marshes,St Helens	,.no cas
	16-08-43 14763 	    Bf 109G-4 R3,6?KG2, cr fcd ldg at  Hill Farm Newchurch. 
	16-08-43	            Bf 109G.4(F)123,	s/d & cr in Newchurch Brading area 1 KIA
        16-08-43 DR896      Defiant  1622 Flt, cr in sea off Eastney, 2 KIA
        14-09-43 312+       Bf109G-4,A(F0123,s/d in sea off St Ctaherines Pt,1 MIA  
        04-10-43 DK250/IP-W HalifaxII in sea off IOW.4KIA,3MIA	
	05-11-43 JP844	    Typhoon.197 Sq cr Garstons Farm,Newport.Pilot injured			
	27-11-43 43-28702   P-38	cr Compton Down
	18-07-43 AP256      Mustang 1 268SQ Abandoned  15 m S of IoW, Engine Failure.		
	02-12-43 FD508	    Mustang 1, 63 Sq cr Somerton airfield	no cs	
        30-12-43 42-31149   B17G,388BG cr in sea while on emergency approach to Beaulieu.6 killed	
	31-12-43	            P-38 20TFW	cr Ruffins Copse after overshooting at cas	
        31-12-43 42-31064   B-17G 401BG,cr in sea off IOW.10 killed
        25-01-44 N9204      TigerMoth 667 SQ .TOA at Somerton,a/c repaired		
	13-03-44 V1711	    Albemarle.295Sq.flew into ground St.Catherines Down	.crew survived
        26-04-44 MK373      Spitfire.MkIX.329Sq cr in sea off St Catherines Pt		
	12-05-44 42-96190   B-26B,387BG/556BS cr  nr Bucks Farm nr Kingston after crew baled out.
        05-06-44 MN761      Typhoon 1B,193 Sq ditched 15m SE IOW			
	08-06-44 MN735	    Typhoon 1B 182 Sq	cr Ashen Grove Farm nr cas.eng fld.
        07-06-44 NH183      Spitfire IX,421Sq,"missing" nr St Catherines Pt
	07-06-44	           A 20 Havoc	fcd landing Ashey.a/c recovered			
	11-06-44 MJ219	    Spitfire,229 Sq	cr North Grounds Farm nr Chale Green.Pilot Killed
        16-06-44 AB208      SpitfireV,130SQ,Midairwith W3128 6m S of St Catherines in sea .1 MIA.
        23-06-44 EK218      Typhoon 1B 198SQ,ditched S of IOW,Engine Failure
        25-06-44 MN760      Typhoon 1B 193 Sq.ditched 1M se Needles
        02-07-44 42-76523   P-47D.371FG    cr 35 miles S of IoW - engine failure
        23-07-44 42-67456   P-38J.370FS    Midair collision over Iow (with 42-67943 P-38J).cr into sea .1 MIA 
        23-07-44 42-67943   P-38J see above .cr nr Brading.Pilot OK
        30-07-44 41-31904   B-26B.322BG    ditched 10 miles S of St Catherines Point  
        01-08-44 43-9887    A-20G.643BS/409BG.    Forced landing on IoW(where exactly?)     
        28-08-44 EF311      Stirling cr in  sea nr Nab Tower		
	14-09-44 N9204	    Tiger Moth.667 Sq	cr Somerton cas
        24-09-44 T6304      Tiger Moth Overturned by gust on takeoff Somerton
        11-11-44 MK323      Spitfire iX,84 GSU cr Ryde
        06-02-45 44-14383   P-51D ,339FG   cr on beach Puckpool  Pilot killed
        06-02-45 44-13379   P-51D,339FG cr on sand Puckpool, pilot missing
        01-03-45 Z2046      Firefly798SQ. flew into groundChale green in fog.Pilot killed
        13-04-45 JM804      SeaOtter ABR1,TOA in Solent cas. 
        27-06-45 L2335 and burned on t/o Cowes aerodrome Pilot injured
        19-07-45 NM247      Oxford ,A & Aee,Fire Rowlands Wood  Haverstreet, Pilot Major E.W. Leach,  Killed
        31-08-45 NP409      Monitor TTII,A & AEE,cr in sea off Ft Victoria, Sub-Lt K.W.A. Fehler RN; Lt L.R.J. Habgood RN killed.
        08-09-45 KK981      Hoverfly I,RN,  Cr Ventnor 
        01-10-45  RF829     Mosquito FB VI 709 in sea 4.5 M W Nab Tower,a/c broke up in dive,Pilot killed
        11-10-45 NF333      SwordfishIII ATDU midair with RD750(Beaufighter) cr in sea.1 killed 
        13-02-46 VB885      Sunderland GR5 302FTU.hit sea in turn off Calshot.broke up.10 killed
        23-07-46 TE725      Mosquito FBVI ,771Sq ,cr between Alum Bay & Needles .2 killed
        09-06-47            Harvard,709SQ,Fcd Ldg, cr near Yaverland Church.crew survived
        29-08-47            Auster, cr off Shanklin beach due pilot error.3 killed.
        19-11-47 G-AGHW     Short S25.Hythe. Flew into high ground at Brighstone Down.1 killed.
        20-11-47 G-AIWW     Anson flew into Radar pylon at St Boniface Down 2 killed
        21-02-48 SL553      Spitfire XVI.501Sq Missing over solent        
        14-03-48 TX214      Anson Engine failed on t/o..wheels up landing at Somerton  
        23-01-49 T7465      Tiger Moth, 14RFS,Hit ground low flying 3m S of Yarmouth .
        16-06-49 G-AGPI     Rapide Somerton Airways cr on Landing Somerton. Pilot injured but all survived
        12-08-49 TG271      SARO SR A/1     cr off Cowes after hitting object in water.			
	03-11-49 TW908	    Lancaster B.1 148 SQ  Midair collision over east Wight with RL116(below)
	03-11-49 RL116	    Mosquito NF36 Midair with above(TW908),total 9 killed on both a/c
        18-07-50 G-AIUB     Hawk Tr.After t/o at Somerton stalled & spun  in 300yds NW of aerodrome at 1443.Pilot(Anthony P Corke)killed.
        07-11-50 BB865	    Tiger Moth T2.Gosp Stn Flt 	cr at Ryde during aerobatics.2 killed
        21-01-51 TW738      Firefly IV 771 SQ.Fcd Ldg East Ashey Manor Farm Ryde.engine failure. 
        28-01-53 G-AGKY     Sunderland III,Aquila A/W cr on take off approx 2m NE of cas
        21-11-53 WD920      Firefly,Fcd ldg atBrowns Golf Course Sandown,a/c recovered 
                            Photo below of the crashed aircraft  was taken   by John Cassford with his  Box Brownie.
22-03-53 G-AMUD Chipmunk 21,cr at Porchfield .1 killed 1 injured 08-12-55 XA561 Javelin 1,A & AEE cr at RowboroughCorner,pilot ejected OK 25-09-55 G-AMCM Tiger Moth Crashed Somerton 13-03-57 XF427 Hunter 54 Sq,cr at Bouldner- Pilot killed 22-08-57 G-AIJA Tiger Moth cr in High Park Rd ,Ryde(location unconfirmed) 15-11-57 G-AKNU Solent 3 cr Chessel Down .35 killed.Aquila AW 08-05-58 G-APLB Tiger Moth cr in sea off Bembridge 24-09-59 XE395 Seahawk FGA.6 cr off Isle of Wight.(position ??) 19-11-60 G-AOCV Tiger Moth cr on fcd ldg at Brading. 05-05-61 G-ARAA Cessna 182 cr in bad weather St Catherines Hill,Blackgang,3 killed. 06-05-62 G-AGZB Dakota 3 cr in fog,St Boniface Down.10 killed 15-08-64 G-AMWH Bristol 171 Mk.3a.Damaged beyond repair landing at Cowes 29-03-66 G-ARME Chipmunk 22, at Sandown Pilot killed 26-06-68 XD236/038 Scimitar F1 FRU,cr St Catherines Point 05-05-72 G-ASLD Pa-30 cr after take off at Bembridge .3 killed 24-06-72 G-AWGO RF-4d Midair collision with G-AYBS,cr Yarmouth beach 24-06-72 G-AYBS RF-5 see above,cr offshore Yarmouth. 25-06-72 G-ARUS Pa-28-180 Undershot and crashed at Bembridge after engine failure 29-07-75 G-ARLS Pa-23-250 cr in sea at 50 39N.01 00W ,fuel starvation 11-04-79 G-AYWE Pa-28 cr on take off Sandown 15-07-79 G-BCGO Pa-25 ditched in Sandown Bay while oil-dispersal spraying. 06-03-81 XZ917/016N Seaking Has5 820SQ, midair with XZ915 -both cr in sea 5NM S St 10-09-82 G-LADY AA.5A Badly damaged ,heavy landing at Sandown 16-12-82 WT702/874VL Hunter T8C FRADU cr in sea 2.75m S of Nab Tower.Pilot Killed 31-10-84 XL584 Hunter T8C FRADUcr in sea between Nab tower and Langstone harbour.Pilot missing 24-02-85 G-ECCO Cougar cr in sea off Ventnor 23-04-87 G-OPIG super 2 Engine failure on take off caused nosewheel collapse 01-10-87 G-OPIG Super 2 Nosewheel collapsed landing at Sandown see above !! 18-09-88 G-AYMN Cherokee forced landing,overturned between Niton and Whitwell 10-05-93 G-ELIZ Kitfox Cr on take off at Brighstone I.O.W 22-04-93 G-BTER C-150J Overshot in bad weather and cr at Bembridge 21-07-96 G-OHOG Pa 28-140 Cr an take-off Sandown - poor climb due in trees. 4 OB OK 0- minor injuries 09-08-98 G-BLMR Pa L18C U/c collapsed landing Sandown 20-09-98 N33884 Aeronca Chief.U/c failed during taxi at Sandown 11-11-98 G-AVIS F172H Taxying accident.Sandown. 03-07-99 G-BPVX Cassutt Racer. Spun in on approach at Bembridge .Pilot Killed 05-07-99 G-OSTY F150G U/c collapsed landing Sandown 30-08-99 G-NASH AA-5A Damaged in heavy landing Sandown 17-10-01 G-BZST UL450 Nosewheel collapsed landing Sandown 22-06-02 G-AZFA Beagle Pup .U/c collapsed after heavy landing at Sandown 14-09-02 G-GGRR Bulldog 120 Over ran Runway landing at Binstead Airstrip.Slight damage 05-10-03 BGA1623/CLG ,SHK-1,cr on landing Bembridge after canopy opened in flight. 04-08-04 N53103 C177RG Nose U/c collapsed following heavy landing at Sandown 01-09-04 G-TRUK Glasair RG. Inadvertant wheels-up landing Bembridge Airfield no casualties 26-04-05 G-TRUK Glasair RG,nosewheel collapsed landing Bembridge 14-11-05 G-ATXO SIPA903.Ran away during hand prop swinging at Sandown 20-11-05 G-CDBZ Thruster T600N 450.Overran RW at Little Atherfield Farm-finished in ditch 26-08-05 G-CBPT R22 ditched at Prince Consort Buoy N of Cowes- Engine Failure 03-09-06 G-AZSW B121 Pup 2,Loss of engine power- ditched just offshore Sandown 17-09-06 G-LOOP Pitt S1C,Damaged in heavy landing after aborted take off attempt at Sandown 17-02-07 G-TORC Pa28R-200,Nosegear collapsed landing Sandown. 07-03-07 G-TREX Pioneer300.Nosegear collapsed landing Bembridge. 15-03-07 G-BSZV C150F,Nosegear collapsed landing Sandown 05-04-07 G-BAMM Pa28-235,Nosegear collapsed landing Sandown 05-08-07 G-AVRP Pa-28,Cr on take off Sandown, 4 on board killed. Cause unknown. 15-09-08 G-AMVP Tipsy Junior .Stalled landing Sandown.Damaged 29-08-09 G-BSLK Pa28-181,damaged in heavy landing Sandown 04-09-10 G-MARX RV-4 mid-air collision with G-JAST during Rolls Royce Merlin Trophy air race , Crash landing at Bembridge - 2 on board injured.(See below) 04-09-10 G-JAST Mooney M20J ,mid-air with G-MARX(see above), cr in Rowlands Wood, Havenstreet IOW.2 on board killed. 03-07-11 G-INOW MONNETT MONI Lost Power on t/o Sandown cr into marshy ground 23-05-12 G-RDCO Jabiru J430 , overran landing at Binstead, landing gear damaged. 01-09-12 G-CDSO Thruster T600N, Fcd ldg at Tapnell Farm after engine problems ,badly damaged. 22-08-15 F-JVVV/54-ASI Zenair CH-601 cr at Lake , nr Sandown Airport after takeoff. Pilot injured.

Those seeking more information on crashes both on and in the vicinity of the Isle of Wight should visitThe Wight Air Wrecks site
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