1923 Schneider Trophy Race Cowes

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The course.

In 1923 the Schneider Trophy Contest was once more held in England, this time at Cowes, on September 28.The start and finish of the 186 mile course was located at Cowes, and there were turning points at Selsey Bill and Southsea.

The following countries entered teams:Great Britain, France, Italy, and America. France entered six aircraft —two by Soc. Industrielle de Caudebec-en-Caux (Latham), two by C.A.M.S., and two by Soc. Aeronautique Blanchard. Great Britain entered three—a Supermarine-Napier flying-boat,a Blackburn flying-boat, and a Sopwith-Hawker(crashed some weeks before the contest).America sent over four machines, one as a reserve and Italy, unfortunately,withdrew a few weeks before the contest

One of the American entries,a Navy-Wright twin-float biplane, fitted with 700 h.p. Wright engine crashed on landing a few days before the event , and the Blackturn " Pellet,"sank after a taxying mishap on 27th September during the navigability trials.

The two U.S. Navy-Curtiss aircraft , No. 3 (Irvine) and No. 4 (Rittenhouse) took off first,followed fifteen minutes later by Biard, with the Sea Lion.After this the French team were signalled to start, but only Hurel, on C.A.M.S. 38, got away successfully, the other two aircraft retiring—one fouling a buoy and the other having engine trouble.

The times were....
Rittenhouse 1 hr. 12 mins. 26.8 secs.at an average speed of 177-38 m.p.h.
Irvine's time: 1 hr. 14 mins. 5.2 secs. (173-46 m.p.h.)
Biard's time 1 hr. 21 mins. 46 secs. (151 -16 m.p.h.).

Number. Reg'n.   A/c type.                Pilot.                  Remarks
1:               Intended for Italy ?
2:               Intended for Italy ?
3:      A6080    Curtiss CR3              Rutledge Irvine         2nd place
4:      A6081    Curtiss CR3              David Rittenhouse       Winner
5:      A6544    Navy Wright NW2.         A W Gorton...           sank before race
6:      G-EBFH   Blackburn Pellet         Kenworthy,..            Taxy mishap before race
7:      G-EBAH   Supermarine Sea Lion III Henri Baird.            3rd place.
8:      F-ESEH   Blanchard C.1,           Teste                   reg'n unconfirmed
9:      F-ESFD   CAMS 38                  Maurice  Hurel,         did  not finish
10:     F-ESEC   CAMS 36Bis,              Pelletier D'oisy.       non-starter
11:     F-ESEJ   Latham L1,               Duhamel.                non-starter
..      F-Exxx   Latham L.1.              Benoit(Reserve)         not used
        A6447 USN TR3A converted TS-2     Lt Weade(reserve)       not used

Lt Rittenhouse and Lt Irvine.

Saunders Cowes slipway on 28th Sept.L to R:Curtiss CR3,Supermarine Sealion,CAMS.38.

Mooring test.L to R:Sea Lion,CR3,CR3,CAMS.38, CAMS 36bis,Latham L.1.

A6081/4 Curtiss CR3. The winning machine.

A6544/5. Navy Wright N.W.2.

G-EBFH/6 Blackburn Pellet

G-EBAH/7 Supermarine Sea Lion III.


F-ESEJ/11 Latham L1


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