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Canadian Spartan details assembled by  Terry Judge from Canadian  Department of Transport records. 

Canadian Aviation bureaucracy hierarchy in descending order....

DND Department of National Defence-within which civil aviation was adminisdered by..... CCA Controller of Civil aviation.Among the staff was..... SAR Superintendant , Air Regulations...He had several..... DI District Inspector(s) also AID Aircraft Inspection Department(RCAF)

CF-ABC Simmonds Spartan I (c/n 6)

1929.04.05 mfd 1929.04.06 UK CofA 1941, dated 11.4.29, valid till 5.4.30. CF-ABC, Simmonds Aircraft Ltd, Montreal, PQ. Cirrus III 1929.04.22 Appl for Regn, Dominion Aircraft Ltd, Montreal, PQ (Pres : Douglas Bremner) 1929.04.26 CofR 580 (C), Dominion Aircraft Ltd, Montreal, PQ In a letter by Bruce Gowans in CAHS Journal 1981 No 4 p 127, in which he describes the entries in Green’s Flight Log. “In the summer of 1929, when Stan was with Curtiss-Reid aircraft in Montreal, he made numerous flights in that area,including one in the Simmonds Spartans, CF-ABC & ABD. In September of 1929 Stan began working for Wop May’s Commercial Airways in Edmonton.” Although Green had had instruction in 1927 he had never soloed. 1929.06.21 DI/CCA. Inspected at La Salle Airport, Montreal, PQ. The fuselage cross member between lower main spars was badly cracked. This damage occurred when the bolts in the centre undercarriage anchoring fitting sheared. A new fuselage [c/n ?] had just arrived from England and permission was given to install that fuselage and for the aircraft to retain its identity. The damaged fuselage will be repaired, registration markings will be erased and it will be retained as a spare. 1929.08.14 AID/DND. Currently in shops of Canadian Wright Ltd being fitted with Cirrus Hermes (137) 1929.08.17 SAR/Dominion Airways. I need hardly remind you of the delay occasioned in passing [for a CofA] your aircraft (CF-ABC) with the Gipsy engine, due to your carrying out experimental work before consulting this Dept. 1929.08.24 SAR/Dominion Airways. Re the Hermes, we will need copies of the drawings for investigation. 1929.10.16 Flying & Services Ltd/DND. Please issue a CofA. This machine has been air tested and was found quite satisfactory. 1929.10.21 SAR/ Flying & Services Ltd. Still need drawings. Not to be flown, unless you wish to register the aircraft privately. 1929.10.26 Flying & Services Ltd/DND. Please issue as Private. We are trying to dispose of the aircraft. [Looks as if they cheated a bit.] 1929.11.05 SAR/ Flying & Services Ltd. Is this still owned by Dominion Airways? If ownership has changed it will be necessary to make application in the usual manner. 1929.12 Flying & Services Ltd/DND. We have bought complete control of Dominion Aircraft Ltd and intend to keep it alive. 1930.02.10 AID/DND. Inspected at La Salle. Airworthy 1930.03.04 CofR amended to show Cirrus Hermes 1930.05.30 Photo at Ottawa Flying Club by John Beilby [CAHS Journal 1967 No 1 p 8] 1930.09.14 Accident. Pilot J I Grubbstrom(See additional info on Grubbstrom at foot of the page). After leaving St Hubert and while over open country west of Montreal, the pilot shut off the engine and put the plane into a steep glide, during which the left ailerons, top and bottom, fell off the aircraft. The pilot manoeuvred the aircraft with the right ailerons only and landed at LaSalle Airport without further damage. The primary failure is considered to have been the fracture of the lower rear spar just inside of the strut attachment point. 1930.09.26 SAR/DI. It is felt that the operation of these aircraft should be restricted, if not altogether suspended, until the modified type of ailerons have been fitted. It is understood that this modification is being carried out in England. 1930.10.29 DI/Dominion Airways. Is this aircraft being rebuilt? No. 1930.11.14 SAR/DI. A notice has been received from the British Air Ministry of a mod to the compression box ribs at the interplane strut attachment in Spartan aircraft fitted with mainplanes of symmetrical section (Notice 40, 1930). Please inspect CF-ABC for any deterioration in these ribs. 1931.02.12 SAR/Dominion Airways. Re Notice 40, 1930 1931.05.01 SAR/DI. It is also understood that a modification has been called for requiring the installation of a new long type aileron. 1931.10.05 Sale : to A Darling, Montreal, PQ, by public auction by Fraser Bros., Auctioners, on the orders of the liquidators of Flying & Services. 1931.10.05 DI/SAR. Considerable number of repairs and modifications will be required to make CF-ABC airworthy. Lasalle Airport with hangars and shops remain the property of Ross Realty Co, and is believed on lease to H G Marpole. - Aviation Firm Fails. Flying and Services Sold Planes and Equipment. Flying and Services Ltd, whose headquarters were at the Lasalle Airport was wound-up yesterday. Two deHavilland Moth biplanes were sold for $800 each, and one Spartan biplane for $50. A Gipsy engine found a purchase for $110. Aircraft construction material and parts were also sold, a quantity of duralumin and aluminum sheets worth approximately $1,000 having been disposed of for $55. [Montreal Gazette Tuesday Oct 6, 1931 page 10] 1931.10 Sale : Darling to Yves Henri, who is holding it for Club d’Aviation Canadien Inc, Montreal, PQ (Pres P Thibaudeau). Sold by 20.10.31 1932.09.13 DI/SAR. We are not aware of the actual whereabouts of this aircraft. It was last flown 14.9.30. It was acquired by Nieuwenhuizen and brought to St Hubert for covering. We could not issue a Commercial certificate, so Nieuwenhuizen relinquished ownership to the previous owner who removed it from St Hubert. Believed to be in a garage in Montreal. 1932.09.13 Appl for Regn, Yves Henry, Montreal. At the private field of A Racicot. “Finished 13.9.32” 1932.09.15 Temp CofR 33-M-32 issued to Yves Henry, Montreal, valid till 16.10.32 1932.09.15 CofR 1198 (P), Y. Henry, Montreal, PQ 1933.04.09 Bill of Sale :Henry to Lucien Rudolphe Nieuwenhuizen,$650($25 within 2 months,$25 per week thereafter) 1933.06.14 DI/SAR. The aircraft has been completely covered (except where registration marks appear) with advertising matter for John de Kuyper Gin 1933.06.20 Nieuwenhuizen/DI.I have transferred my title to Nelson,though it will be operated exclusively by me. [Sale?]. 1933.06.28 Inspected at St Hubert. Unairworthy. Following not incorporated; 21, 1931 & 37, 1931, but parts ordered. 1933.07.06 AID/DI. Inspected at St Hubert. Still unairworthy. 1933.07.09 Appl for Regn, Nelson, St Hubert, PQ 1933.07.09 Temp CofR 14-M-33 issued to A Nelson. Valid till 9.8.33 1933.07.09 CofR 1316 (C), Arthur Nelson, Montreal, PQ 1933.07.12 AID/DI. Inspected at St Hubert. Recommend that CofA be granted. Accident. St Hubert, PQ. Engine failed and the aircraft force landed, breaking the prop and the right axle. No date known but details given after an inspection on 3.10.33. 1934.01.30 Nelson/DI. I just wish to inform you that this aircraft belongs to Nieuwenhuizen and not to me. The only connection I have with it is that I loaned this party the sum of $70 for a new prop. [See 1933.06.20] 1934.02.21 Three possible owners (Henry, Nelson & Nieuwenhuizen) informed that if the outstanding storage charges at St Hubert ($72.00 for the period 9.33 – 2.34) are not paid, the DND intends to seize and dispose of the aircraft. Neither Nelson nor Nieuwenhuizen could be traced. 1934.03.15 Outstanding charges paid by Henry 1934.05 Re-possessed by Henry. He claimed that Nieuwenhuizen only paid a total of $110. 1934.09.18 Sale : Henry to Fecteau 1935.01.14 Appl for Regn, Fecteau 1935.01.25 CofR 1513(C),Joseph Fecteau,Bergerville,PQ.(Mailed to DI 25.1.35,to be held pending mods etc.) 1935.04.26 DI/SAR. Inspected. Problems (which must have been fixed, as the aircraft was flown during the summer of 1935). 1935.10.19 Accident. Pilot J Fecteau. Chicoutimi, PQ. On take off the right axle broke, and the wheel continued to roll on the ground. While landing the pilot was warned from the ground that the right wheel had separated. He attempted to land on the left wheel but the right undercarriage caught the ground and the aircraft turned over on its back. 1936.07.21 Sale : Fecteau to Peterson 1936.07.21 Appl for Regn, Peterson 1936.07.31 Temp CofR 17-M-36 issued to Peterson, valid till 30.8.36 1936.07.31 CofR 1766 (P), Herman Peterson, La Tuque, PQ. Valid till 30.7.37. 1936.08.01 DI/SAR. To be based at Bergerville until owner obtains his PPL. 1937.08.04 Sale : Peterson to Rouette 1937.08.11 RCMP Report. Flown from Cap de la Madeleine to Shawinigan Falls. To be flown on to Montreal the next day. 1937.08.21 DI/Peterson. Is the Spartan still based at Cap de la Madeleine? Has it been flown recently? 1937.09.09 DI/SAR. Flown to Montreal, as reported, dismantled and stored in a Verdun garage. 1937.09.17 AID/DI. Inspected at Verdun. Poor workmanship on wings. 1937.10.20 AID/DI. Inspected. A further inspection is required. 1937.10.23 Appl for Regn, Rouette 1937.10.23 Temp CofR 33-M-37 to Rouette, valid till 22.11.37 1937.11.02 CofR 2113 (P), Omer Rouette, Shawinigan Falls (based Cartierville), PQ ; wef 23.10.37 1937.11.07 Accident. Pilot J A G Vallerand, passenger Miss Delia Parent, both fatal. Quebec Airport, PQ. The pilot made his approach in a series of stall turns. During the third one the aircraft stalled and spun into the ground nose down. The pilot had been warned to keep his approach speed above 60 mph, as below that it had very little aileron control. Examination of the wreckage disclosed that the wing spars and ribs had dry rot. [Report 28] 1937. T Cld

CF-ABD Simmonds Spartan I (c/n 7)

1929.04.05 Mfd 1929.04.06 UK CofA 1942, daled 11.4.29, valid till 5.4.30.CF-ABD, Simmonds Aircraft Ltd, Montreal, PQ.Cirrus III 1929.04.22 Appl for Regn, Dominion Aircraft Ltd, Montreal, PQ (Pres : Douglas Bremner) 1929.04.26 CofR 581 (C), Dominion Aircraft Ltd, Montreal, PQ Accident? There is a photo of CF-ABD on its back, dated 1929, by Stan Green (see CAHS Journal 1979 No 2 p 57), [Must have started work on installing the Gipsy almost immediately, because they waited until the middle of July before asking for the CofA to include the Gipsy, which provoked the following.] 1929.07.22 Canliaison, UK. Re your “Advise if Gipsy motor in Spartan licenced in UK”, no, but application has been made. 1929.07.23 SAR/Dominion Airways. Please submit drawings for Gipsy installation. 1929.08.17 SAR/Dominion Airways. I need hardly remind you of the delay occasioned in passing your aircraft with the Gipsy engine, due to your carrying out experimental work before consulting this Dept. 1929.12 Flying & Services Ltd/DND. We have bought complete control of Dominion Aircraft Ltd and intend to keep it alive. We also apply for continuation of CofA for CF-ABD in which we are placing a Gipsy. 1930.01.29 SAR/ Flying & Services Ltd. CF-ABD cannot be operated commercially with a Gipsy. 1930.10 DI/ Dominion Airways. Understand it has been reduced to spares and will not be rebuilt. 1930.11.26 Cld

CF-AEE Spartan?

(Terry Judge).."I have only found two references to this registration;"

1929.04.29 SAR/Dominion Airways. Regn CF-AEE is allotted for the new aircraft which you intend purchasing.

The original Civil Register which has Dominion Aircraft pencilled in, and the notation “Spartan?”
If it was to be a Spartan, was it the fuselage that was fitted to CF-ABC in Jun 1929?
J I Grubbstrom and CF-ABC ...Additional information received from Terry Judge , with photo via Tammy Hardwick/Creston & District Museum .
 	A fellow Canadian enthusiast, Bruce Gowans, has given me some information on Jarl I
 Grubbstrom, the young Swedish pilot.  It is not known when or why he arrived in Canada,
 but he surfaces in Montreal in 1930.  He seems to have been a competent pilot, based on 
the accident he had with CF-ABC on 14 Sep 1930.  He was the pilot of a Fairchild FC-2 that 
flew from Montreal to Victoria BC in January 1932 (hardy soul!). During this trip he was 
forced to land at  Creston,BC due to  bad weather .
He was further delayed when attempting to take of from a  frozen lake  , his undercarriage
  went through the ice and damaged the propeller.The photo below (kindly sent by  Tammy
 Hardwick of the Creston & District Museum & Archives) shows G-CAIH after this accident.
He remained in BC until 
he returned to Sweden in May 1934 where he joined the Royal Swedish Air Force the next 
month.  After completing his national military service he joined AB Aerotransport (of Sweden) 
as a pilot and retired from flying in 1949.  He then went into the insurance 
usiness and died in 1985.  
Bruce mentioned that his son still has a couple of trophies from his Canadian time which 
sent me into my flying club files where I found the following;
“Canadian Aviation” for July 1930; Ottawa Meet (3 June 1930).  Embryo private fliers from 
Ottawa, Montreal and other Canadian centres tried conclusions in the 18-mile “test of
 speed”, the first racing event on the bill, this being open to machines under 115 hp. ... 
J Grubbstom of Montreal third in a Spartan [listed as CF-ABC].
                        Montreal carried off the honours in the landing competition for 
commercial pilots ... Mr Grubbstrom of Montreal won first prize for private pilots in the 
landing test ...
                        Miss Patterson also figured prominently in the obstacle race in
 which she teamed with the winner, J W McConnell of Montreal; second place was also taken
 by a Montreal pair, Miss Gladys Perry and James [sic] Grubbstrom.
“Canadian Aviation”, same issue, July 1930; Brantford Meet.  The postponed Brantford Open 
Air Handicap, which was run off on the Saturday morning [7 June 1930], went to ...   A 
subsequent handicap race was captured by Jarl I Grubbstrom of Montreal, flying a Simmonds 
Spartan, who received a silver cup.