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50.38.01N/01.12.22W. Elevation? RUNWAYS :Grass

A Boulton & Paul Hangar built at Shankilin in 1932 for PSIOWA .

Apse Manor Farm.This grass field was used from 1929 until 1934,principally by the Isle of Wight Flying Club (formed in 1930)and also by Wight Aviation Ltd(Later became PSIOWA- Portsmouth Southsea and Isle of Wight Aviation Ltd) who arrived from Maylands Aerodrome ,Romford on 1st May 1930.In 1932 PSIOWA was operating services Shanklin to Portsmouth using a Westland Wessex.The fare was 15 shillings single,1-7-6d return.

Among the aircraft use by PSIOWA were the two seen in the postcard shown below...Westland Wessex G-ABVB and DH.83 Fox Moth G-ACCA.

An informal flying meeting ,organised by the IOW Flying Club,was held on June 12th 1930 that attracted 20+ visiting aircraft and a large audience(see photo below).The meeting ,which was opened by Sir Alliot Verdon Roe was a great success with several displays and contests such as Balloon Bursting.

Perhaps encouraged by the success of the June 12th meeting the Flying club arranged a more organised event for August 17th 1930.This attracted some 30 visiting aircraft and around 8,000 paying spectators.There were assorted flying displays and a handicap air race with 4 entrants over a course Aerodrome-Shanklin-Sandown -Aerodrome.

ABOVE:The scene at Apse Manor Farm on 12th June 1930.BELOW: The site today- the house outlined in red correspond with same in upper picture.

Passengers disembarking a PSIOWA Wessex at Shanklin.(Photo via Frank Baker)

In 1934 the activities ceased and flying moved temporarily to the Sandown /Landguard Manor site before a final move to Sandown /Lea Farm in early 1935. A hangar still remains on the site ,in use as a barn..

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