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SARO Princess G-ALUN.

In November 1909 the Cowes boatbuilding firm of Messrs S.E.Saunders, & sons announced their intentionof setting up " a department for building flyers".Over the next four years several aircraft were built for various designers.During WW1 the company built sea and landplanes to other companies' designs,including Avro 504s and Short 184s.In addition a large number of major components were produced for other manufacturers.

After the war the company concentrated on seaplane designs,but times were hard and after a series of reorganisations,in 1929 A V Roe took over the company which became known as Saunders-Roe Ltd ,or SARO.

During the 30s a number of flying boat designs were built ,none of them in large numbers.In addition SARO became closely involved with Simmonds Spartan Aircraft from 1931 onwards,and in 1933 the companies were effectively merged.(For details of Spartan Aircraft see the Spartan page)

During WW2 the main activity was the building of Supermarine Walrus and Sea Otter aircraft as well as repair and overhaul activities.

Following WW2 SARO built the Princess flying boats.Unfortunately,the day of the flying boat was just about over and the three Princesses (only one ever flew) became almost the last fixed wing aircraft produced by SARO.

The very last fixed wing aircraft built were the rwo prototype SR.53 Jet and rocket propelled interceptor fighters.The first aircraft,XD145 flew on the 16th May 1957 at Boscombe Down. This aircraft is still in existence today.Unfortunately the RAF and German Air force - the potential customers , lost interest in the projected developement, the SR177 , and the venture was abandoned.

From the 50s onward,SARO became involved in helicopters,producing the Skeeter(a Cierva design),the Scout and the Wasp.After becoming part of Westland Helicopters,all aircraft work moved to Hayes in Middlesex and the Isle of Wight premises turned to Hovercraft production

Type		   Reg'n/serial,  c/n(if known)					
Ravaud			                      Floatplane built for M.Ravaud 1911	
Sopwith Bat Boat		  38	      Hull built for Sopwith 1912/13
Sopwith Bat Boat at Cowes.
Bristol-Burney X3 Hull built by Saunders Coanda GE3 Floatplane built for Henri Coanda 1912 Perry-Beadle Hull built for Perry Beadle Floatplane1913 Wigram Flying Boat for Arthur Wigram,not completed(1914) Bass Paterson Destroyed by fire before first flight(1914) White And Thompson Seaplane No2 Hull produced for White and Thompson.Later with RNAS as 882
Wight & Thompson Flying Boat
World War 1 Production Avro 504A 7740 (From Avro contract) Avro 504A 2890 to 2939 Avro 504A A412 to A461 Avro 504A A3355 to A 3404 Avro 504A/J A9763 to A9813 BE.2 469 Bognor Bloater 1171 to1182 Fuselages by Saunders. Curtiss H.4 1230to 1232 Hulls by Saunders. Possible but unconfirmed that Saunders also built nos.1228/9/33-35. Felixstowe F2A N4280 to N4309 Felixstowe F2A N4080 to N4099 Felixstowe F2A N4430 to N4479 Felixstowe F2A/F5 N4580 to N4629 NT2B N2500 to N2523 (only 14 built) Short 184 N1600 to N1624 Short 184 N1140 to 1149 Short 184 8001 to 8030 Short 184 N1760 to N1774 Short S184 N1240 to N1259 Saunders T1 X14 Private venture,one only.1917 Vickers Viking Amphibian Unknown quantity of hulls 1919-1921
Postcard of Vickers Viking Amphibian
In addition the company produced 116 flying boat hulls for other manufacturers,and 8 airship gondolas
Between the Wars							
Saunders Kittiwake	G-EAUD	      101	Twin engine Biplane Flying boat,1920	
A3 Valkyrie 		N186	      A3/1	1926			
A4 Medina		G-EBMG	      A4/1	1926 Also allocated serial N214		
A5 Valentia		N124 to N126	        Vickers-Saunders joint venture 1918-1922
A7 Severn		N240	      A7/1	Patrol flying Boat 1929	
A10 "fighter" 		L.2                     Constructed 1929, later to RAF K1949
A14 Southampton         N251                    Hull for Supermarine Southampton Mk II.
Above-Four Postcards of SARO aircraft .TOP: Cutty Sark.Bottom Left: A SARO A19 Cloud.Bottom right:G-AAIP Saro A17 Cutty Sark(c/n A17/1) at Jersey 3rd July 1930
A17 Cutty Sark          G-AAIP       A17/1      first flight 4-07-29
A17B Cutty Sark		L-1	     A17/2	to VH-UNV(April 1930)
A17 Cutty Sark		L-3	     A17/3	RNZAF
A17 Cutty Sark		G-AAVX	     A17/4      to VR-SAA 1930
A17 Cutty Sark          G-ABBC       A17/5      
A17 Cutty Sark          S1575        A17/6      RAF
A17 Cutty Sark          VR-HAY       A17/7     
A17 Cutty Sark		L.5	     A17/8      Kwangsi Air Force. ntu, Returned to UK as
A17 Cutty Sark          G-ABVF       A17/9      to Japan 			
A17 Cutty Sark          G-ACDP       A17/10     Air Service Training Ltd	
A17 Cutty Sark		G-ACDR	     A17/11     Air Service Training Ltd		
A17 Cutty Sark		G-ADAF	     A17/12
Two photos by H W "Mike" Smith(via Mike Burnett ) showing a Saro Cloud over Spithead(LEFT) and possibly at Calshot(Right)
Postcards showing Saro A19 Cloud(Left) and Saro A36 Lerwick(right)
A19 Cloud		L.4	     A19/1	Reregistered G-ABCJ, then to CF-ARB	
A19 Cloud 		G-ABHG	     A19/2				
A19 Cloud		K2681	     A19/3				
A19 Cloud		G-ABXW	     A19/4				
A19 Cloud		G-ACGO	     A19/5      To OK-BAK Bata				
A21 Windhover		G-ABJP	     A21/2				
A21 Windhover		ZK-ABW	     A21/1      To VH-UBP
Saro Windhover VH-UPB
A22 Segrave Meteor 1	G-AAXP	     1		First Flight 28-05-30		
A24 Spartan		G-ABLI	     A24/1	Mailplane For full details of this and other Spartans see 
                                                the Simmonds page.			
A29 Cloud		K2894 to K2898,3722 to 2729,4300 to 4302. c/na A29/1-A29/16	
A27 London I		K3560		Prototype			
A27 London I		K5257 to 5263		Mk.I			
A27 London I and II	K5908 to 5913		Mk.II			
A27 London II		K6927 to 6932		Mk.II			
A27 London II		K9682 to 9686		Mk.II			
SARO A27 London	II	L7038 to L7043(delivered Jan/April 1938)
A29 Monospar Cloud      K2681 fitted with experimental wing	
SARO A33		L2147 to L2157.Cancelled					
SARO A33		K4773 .prototype to A.M.R2/33					
SARO A36 Lerwick	L7248 to L7268					
A37 Shrimp		G-AFZS	     A37/1	1939 later to RAF TK580		
Isacco Helicogyre	K1171	                one only for Air Ministry to design by    Vittorio Isacco 1928
Left:Saunders Kittiwake G-EAUD. Right: Saro A7 Severn N240
Left:SARO A 19 Cloud. Right: Saro A27 London
Blackburn Bluebird Mk 4			Licence  production of 55 aircraft			
			Produced between early 1930 and May 1931.				
			Wings were produced by Boulton Paul.				
Total 55 aircraft .........
c/n - - Reg.
SB201/to USA		
SB207/G-AAJC to VP-YAI		
SB209/G-AAOF to TF-LOA		
SB232/G-AAVG to VH-UQZ		
SB235/G-AAVJ to Japan	
SB236/G-AAVK to Japan		
SB245/G-ABDS..image below circa 1932
SB246/G-ABEU to CH345, reregd HB-ULU		
SB249/G-ABJA to EI-AAO		
World War 2 Production							
Walrus 1		R6582 to R6591
Walrus 1                W2670 to W2689
Walrus 1		W2700 to W2729	
Walrus 1          	W2731 to WW2760
Walrus 1		W2766 to W2798
Walrus 1		W3005 to W3051         3010/3047/3051 completed as MkII.  
Walrus 1		W3062 to W3101.        3076/3078 completed as MkII		
Walrus 1		X1045 & X1046.         Rebuilds	,1045 became MkII prototype	
Walrus 1		X9460 to X9484
Walrus 1		X9498 to X9532			
Walrus 1		X9554 to X9558			
Walrus II		X9559 to X 9593	
                                               X9499,9518,9525,9554,9557,9558 &9560 were
                         all believed destroyed in bombing raid on Somerton/Cowes May 4/5th 1942
Walrus II		HD804 to HD837,HD851 to HD878,HD899 to HD 936	
Walrus II		Z1755 to Z1784
Walrus II 		Z1804 to Z1823			
Walrus II		HD804 to HD837,
Walrus II               HD851 to HD878,
Walrus II               HD899 to HD 939	
Sea Otter ASR.II	RD869 to RD922(RD923-935,RD948-994 cancelled)	
Sea Otter ABR1		JM738 to JM773.JM796 to JM837.JM861 to JM885	
Sea Otter ABR1		JM905 to JM922.JM943 to JM989.JN104 to JN142	
Sea Otter ASRII		JN179 to JN205.JN242 to JN257					
Sea Otter ASR.II	VF354 to 374,VF407 to 435 all cancelled.
Post WW2 Production
SR/A1                   TG263                           ff as  G-12-1     
SR/A1                   TG267
SR/A1                   TG271 
Skeeter 6		G-ANMH	          SR/905	to XJ355			
Skeeter 6		G-AMDC	          SR/907				
Skeeter 6		G-ANMI	          SR/906	to XK964			
Skeeter 6		G-ANMG	          SR/904	to XK773			
Skeeter 6		G-AMTZ	          SR/907	G-AMDC reregistered		
Skeeter 8		G-APOI	          S2/5081				
Skeeter 8		G-APOJ	          S2/5091	N.t.u			
Skeeter 8		G-APOK	          S2/5111	N.t.u			
Skeeter AOP.10		XK480 to XK482	  S2/3036,3051,3070			
Skeeter AOP.12		XL734 -740,XL762 -772,XL806-814					
Skeeter AOP.12		XN339 to XN355	  S2/7145 to S2/7161			
Skeeter AOP.12		XM524 to XM530,XM553 to XM565			
Skeeter T.11		XK479	          s2/3012
Skeeter 50              G-12-2            S2/5061        to Fed German Army as PC+117
Skeeter 50              PC+118 to PC+122  S2/5062/63/73/77/82 . Fed German Army
Skeeter 51		SC+501            S2/5065					
Skeeter 51		SC+502		  S2/5070 			
Skeeter 51		SC+503	          S2/5083	W.G.Navy			
Skeeter 51		SC+504	          S2/5092	W.G.Navy			
SARO P531		G-APNU	          S2/5267	Built at Eastliegh		
SARO P531-1		G-APNV	          S2/5268	Built at Eastliegh		
SARO P531 Mk2		G-APVM	          S2/5312				
SARO P531 Mk2		G-APVL	          S2/5311				
SARO P.531-O/N		XN333					
SARO P.531 O/N		XN334					
SR45 Princess		G-ALUO            SR902
SR45 Princess		G-ALUN	          SR901		first flight 22-08-52
SR45 Princess		G-ALUP	          SR903	
SRN-1		        G-12-4		                1959			
SRN-2		        G-12-5		                1961			
SR.53		        XD145	                        f/f at Boscombe Down 16/5/57	
SR.53		        XD151	                        f/f at Boscombe Down 8/12/57
SR.53 		        XD153	                        Cancelled
SARO SR.53 XD145. Mixed turbojet/rocket interceptor .
SR.177                  XL905 to XL907                  Development of SR53 for RAF/RN- Prototypes - not built.
SR.177                  XL920 to XL922                  as above - RAF version. Not Built
SR.177                  XL923 to XL925                  as above- RN version.Not built   
Hiller YROE-1           G-46-1           S2/7588        also c/ns S2/7592-6 
                                                        C/n S2/7592 was registered as
G-APYF and also carried G-12-3 
Hiller YROE-1           Bu4020/4024(?)   SR4,5,6,8,7  
The BuAer numbers are according to the Hiller Museum but seem to be very obviously incorrect-
Contempory allocations would have been in the 150000 range.
According to the Hiller Museum page...the c/ns 7592 to 96 were Civilian model  1033s.
Same source says they carried Class B  marks G-46-1/3/2/4/5.			

Hiller YROE-1

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