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When, in 1976,John Britten and Desmond Norman,the founders of Britten-Norman,left the company,Desmond Norman almost immediately started NDN Aircraft .The first product was the NDN-1 Firecracker which first flew in May 1977, but did not enter production . In 1983 a turbine version made its first flight, three were built. . In 1981 the tandem-seated NDN-6 Fieldmaster was built and flown as a crop-sprayer, in addition oil-pollution clearance and firefighting versions, (the Firemaster) , were designed. In the meantime NDN Aircraft had changed its name to Norman Aeroplane Company and 6 Fieldmasters were built as NAC-6s. Finally in 1984 the NAC-1 Freelance was built, based on the BN-3 Nymph .

Over the years the company has had premises at Goodwood,Swansea and Sandown. 1979 plans to build a factory at Arreton Down on the Isle of Wight did not materialise and the company remained at Sandown until it went out of business

Ownership of the Fieldmaster design passed eventually to the EPA Aircraft Co Ltd.Plans for licence production of the Fieldmaster by the Turkish Aeronautical Association -Türk Hava Kurumu, (THK) as the"Taysu" were abandoned in 1999 after 4 aircraft were completed- two airworthy and two engineless aircraft

Listed below are all known aircraft produced by NDN and the Norman Aircraft Co.There are gaps,and if you can fill them please Contact Me

c/n	Registration		Type		
OO1	G-NDNI		NDN-1 Firecracker r/r N182FR Flight Research Inc Starkville MS.Current 2015.
OO4	G-NRDC		NDN-6 Fieldmaster . Derilect Sandown.Last owner  EPN Aircraft co.Ltd ,		
OO5	G-SFTR		NDN-1T Firecracker ,to N2157C	NTPS Mojave  CA.Flight Research Inc.Current 2015.	
OO6	G-SFTS		NDN-1T Firecracker	, to N50FK,Firecracker INc, Eugene .OR.Current 2015.
        Offered for sale Jan 2014  by Raptor Aviation (as agent)	
OO7	G-SFTT		NDN-1T Firecracker	 to N70878.Firecracker INc, Eugene .OR.Current 2015.	
        Offered for sale Jan 2014  by Raptor Aviation (as agent)
NAC001	G-NACI		NAC-1 srs 180. Registered to Andrew Kinnaird, Shanklin IOW.Permit exp 22-07-13	,Based Bembridge,	
2001	G-NACA		NAC-2 srs 180 Freelance. Current Permit  exp Dec 2015. Reg'd to P Caruth & Alexander  Norman(son of Desmond Norman).
2002               Freelance - not  completed  .5 of these(2001/3/4/5 + one other) are currently atHenstridge(2015)in incomplete state.
2003    		as above
2004               as above
2005               as above 
(2006?)            as above 
6001	G-BNEG		NAC-6 Fieldmaster		r/reg G-NACL Last owner EPA AIRCRAFT COMPANY LTD
6002	G-NACM		NAC-6 Fieldmaster r/r Z-NACM Agricair (12/87 - 04/88),G-NACM EPA AIRCRAFT COMPANY LTD,TC-ZBC THK Taysu(1999) (as Firemaster 34)
TC-ZBC is now displayed at the THK airfield		
6003	G-NACN		NAC-6 Fieldmaster r/r Z-NACN Agricair (12/87 - 04/88),G-NACN EPA AIRCRAFT COMPANY LTD,TC-ZBD THK Taysu(1999)as Firemaster 65.
It seems that bribery was among the causes of the abandonment of the project. 

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