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In 1912 the boatbuilders J.Samuel White and Co,started building aircraft at Cowes.Their first aircraft, the Samuel White Navyplane(drawing above), was a "high-powered hydro-biplane" built to a design by Mr Howard T Wright who was in charge of the newly formed Aviation department at J S Whites. The aircraft , which was built in the "Gridiron Shed" on the banks of the Medina at East Cowes was shown in partly assembled form at the Aviation Show at Olympia in February 1913.Test flying was carried out during the summer of 1913 by Mr Gordon England.The upper picture below shows the machine in flight near Cowes on 23rd August 1913and the lower picture shows the aircraft being hoisted on board an unknown vessel.

The Gridiron Shed still survives at Grid Ref SZ 501956.Shortly after this, company moved its aircraft building activities to West Cowes and started building landplanes in addition to the seaplanes already being produced.The landplanes were initially flown from a field at Three Gate Cottages,Northwood,but in 1916 Whites purchased the land at Somerton which became Somerton Airfield .A factory was set up on the east side of the Cowes-Newport road and aircraft manufacture continued until the end of WW1.With the war ended ,Whites ceased aircraft production on 21/1/19 and closed their aircraft department completely six months later.

However , as may be seen in the advert below, the company returned to the aviation world in the 1930s as a component manufacturer.


Listed below are known details of J Samuel White's production.If you can add to ,or correct this list pleasecontact me.

	128 &129			Wight Pusher Seaplane	
	155			        Wight Pusher Seaplane	
	171to 177			Wight Pusher Seaplane	
	187			        Wight Twin Seaplane	
	831 to 840			Wight 840	
	884			        Wight(type unknown)	
	893 to 895			Wight Pusher Seaplane	
	1000			        Wight AD1000	
	1300 to 1319			Wight(cancelled order)	Possibly only 1306 delivered)
	1351 to 1354			Wight 840	
	1355 to 1361			Admiralty AD1000(only 1355 & 1358 built)	
	1450 &1451			Wight Twin Seaplane	
	8321 &8322			Wight Trainer Seaplane	
	9097 &9098			Wight Baby Seaplane	
	9100			        Wight Baby	
	9841 to 9860			Wight Seaplane(9841 to 9850 completed as landplanes)	
	N14			        Wight N1B Triplane	
	N501			        Wight Landplane
	N546			        Wight Quadruplane...image below.
	N1240 to N1259			Short 184...image below	
	N1280 to N1289			Wight Converted Seaplane	
	N2180 to N2199			Wight Seaplane(2195 to 2199 not deliverd)	
	N2950 to N2999			Short 184	
	N9100 to N9139			Short 184	
	N9400 to N9449			Short 184(Cancelled)	

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