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Miscellaneous Locations on the Isle of Wight

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ARRETON DOWN:Proposed site for Norman Aeroplane Co.premises in 80s.Not built,company used Sandown instead. Also there are reports that crop sprayers operated from "Arreton Manor" during the 70/80s

BEMBRIDGE:Harbour Farm:There is a private airstrip here-located just north of Bembridge Airport,in use 2002.out of use by April 2003

BINSTEAD:There is a private airstrip reported to be at approx 50 43 20N/01 12 18W,about 1 mile SE of Fishbourne,at Puck House Farm.Runway 18/36 Grass

BLACKWATER:In 1975 there was a private airstrip located near the junction of the A3026 and A3056,south of Newport.No further details known.

BRIGHSTONE(Approx 50 38N/01 24W) In 1993 a private strip was in use here.

CHALE BAY:There is a Hang gliding /Parascending site at 503632N 0012024W.130ft amsl

CLIFF END: There are unconfirmed reports of RAF use of a site here between May and November 1918.


COWES Heliport: at Crossfield Avenue 5045.88N/00118.48W-for Regatta only - on the High School Playing Fields..

EAST COWES: EAST MEDINA AERODROME: In 1917/18 Saunders produced approximately 200 Avro 504 aircraft under licence. Many were flown out of the factory at Whippingham Road using a 40 acre site adjacent to the Folly Sheds works.

EAST COWES:Westlands have a helipad on the apron outside their hangar on the riverbank at 50 45 36N/01 17 22W

1950s Postcard showing Sunderland V RN297 at West Cowes - looking across the river to the Saunders Roe hangar at East Cowes.
A similar view but this time the aircraft is Sir Gordon Taylor's Sandringham G-AKCO which later became well known as VH-APG "Frigate Bird III". (later F-OBIP).The picture was provided by Tim Holden and was taken in 1952 by E D Holden.

EAST COWES:There is believed to be some kind of Microlight strip .5 mile ESE of East Cowes or about .75 mile NW of Newnhams Farm.This is probably the same place as"Osborne Bay" a microlight landing site referred to in several Microlight directories as being at N50.44.83/W01.14.50(info via R Ward)

FRESHWATER Fruit Farm: there is reported to be a private strip in use here(2003),runway N-S approx 250 metres.Used by a microlight.Operated by John Craddock.

FRESHWATER Wilmingham Lane: A strip used by microlights is reported here (2012).

GOLDEN HILL FORT ,Totland:In February 1913 it was reported that the Government intended to establish a naval aviation centre on the western side of the Isle of Wight, near Golden Hill Fort.Nothing came of this intention.

LIMERSTONE DOWN:There is a Hang gliding /Parascending site at 503902N 0012220W.550ft amsl

LITTLE ATHERFIELD Farm: there is reported to be a private strip in use here(June 2005),runway E-W Approx Grid Ref 465800.

NEEDLES LIGHTHOUSE:50.39.70N/01.35.42W: A Helipad was built on top of lighthouse( now unmanned)in 1987.

NEWPORT/FOREST ROAD :N50:42:12 W1:20:17 //SZ468895: There was apparently some kind of airstrip here in WW2 - site now occupied by Snow's Garage..

NEWPORT/FOREST ROAD/KITBRIDGE FARM :N50:42:12 W1:18://SZ486895: There was a cropsprayers strip here in the 1960s.

NEWTON BAY:A decoy airfield("Q" site) was set up in this area during WW2.No details of it's exact location,or for how long it existed,are available at this time.

NO MANS LAND FORT:50 4440 N/1 0570 W: There are two helipads on this Fort in the Solent.The fort which has been converted into a luxury hotel/conference centre is for sale on the Internet at a price variously quoted as between 7,000,000 and 10,000,000.

PORCHFIELD:In 1979 there was a private strip near Porchfield at (approx) 50 43 17N/01 22 15W.At this time I have no further information as to how long the strip was operational or its precise location.

The PRIORY BAY HOTEL located about 2 miles north of Bembridge has a helipad for the use of guests.The pad is at 50' 42.33" North, 01' 06.09" West .

RYDE:Hospital Helipad

SEAVIEW:On June 9th 1913 Harry Hawker and the Sopwith D1 Three Seater visited Seaview - Pictures here.
In May 1920 The Brompton Motor Company commenced used the sands between Seaview & Ryde as an aerodrome for Joy riding flights(Left hand picture below shows two aircraft at Seaview).August 29th 1928 Juan De la Cierva flew to Seaview in Cierva C8L G-EBYY, landing on the sands.(Right hand image below)

ST HELENS:In September 1905 Dr F Alex Barton and Mr L F Rawson built and tested a "Hydro-aeroplane" of very unusual design.Image below shows the machine being removed from the water on Sept 26th.

The SWAINSTON MANOR HOTEL at Calbourne has a helipad for use by guests(N50:40:54 W1:22:27)

THORNESS BAY There is a private strip here at approx 50 44 17N/01 21 54 W

VENTNOR:In 1911 there was a "Flying Ground " at Ventnor.This was at Lawn Field St Lawrence (at or near Dean Farm on the Whitwell Road-Approx 50.35.27N/01.15.19W).Possibly the first use of it was on the 5 th or 6th of July when when two "Bristol " machines arrived from Shoreham.Some exhibition flights were made before the the aircraft departed after 3 days stay .

THe photo below shows one of the aircraft on 6th of July which is at odds with the stated dates of use in Flight which stated 11th to 14th July .During "Ventnor Week"(14th- 19th August)there was more flying activity.Two Bristol machines piloted by Mr Pizey and Mr Gordon-England came from Salisbury Plain - however Mr Gordon-England crashed 3 miles from Newport(without injury).Another arrival was Mr Valentine in a Deperdussin Monoplane who flew from Dean Farm on the Whitwell Road.At some time during this summer Mr Pizey (an instructor at the Bristol School on Salisbury Plain)apparently had some kind of mishap at Ventnor whilst flying Bristol aeroplane No.43(from Flight 7 Oct 1911). To see more pictures of these events(thanks to the Ventnor Heritage Museum and the Rev.J.Hibberd) click on the photo below.....

VENTNOR TOWERS HOTEL,Madiera Rd Ventnor has a helipad for the convenience of guests

WEST COWES:During Cowes Week a heliport operates just southwest of Cowes High School at 50 45 47N/01 18 39W

WHITWELL:There has been a a private strip here since 1987. Operated by Chris Marsh- who tells me the strip - originally 290 metres is now 400 metres(April 2007).

YARMOUTH:In 1975 a Mr H M Kendall operated a private airstrip about 1.5 miles east of Yarmouth( on the north side of the A3054 ).Nothing further known .

YAFFORD HOUSE:SZ451815: A private strip is reported to be in use here(2003)- runway NE-SW.Operated by Chris Bland who is the Lord Lieutenant of the Island

Cierva C19 G-AAUA at the 1933 Cowes Regatta
The former SARO(now Westland) hangar at East Cowes.

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