The Spartan Cruiser technical data.

The following appeared in Flight in November 1933 extolling the virtues of the Spartan Cruiser.

As our readers know, a Spartan " Cruiser " is now in Australia, 
having been chartered by Mr. Crawford
Green and flown out there by Mr. Lynch
Blosse. This machine is well adapted for use in
the Dominions, where a high percentage payload is desirable,
particularly so as it is coupled with a good top
speed. Below we give not only performance figures, but
also a diagram of the alternative cabin arrangements which
are possible, and a table showing the weight distribution
for these various arrangements. It should be noted that
these figures are based on an all-up weight of 5,800 lb.,
but it should be borne in mind that application is being
made to increase the weight still further, and it is expected
that it will shortly be possible to obtain a certificate
of airworthiness for an all-up weight of 6,000 lb.

The table on the left shows the performance and technical data - on the right are alternative seating layouts.

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