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In 1951 John Britten and Desmond Norman built and flew their first aircraft ,the BN-1F G-ALZE Finibee(f/f 26-5-51).However it was another 14 years before their next aircraft took to the air.This was the BN-2 G-ATCT(f/f 13-6-65) later named the Islander.Just over two years later the first production aircraft(G-AVCN) was delivered and from that time onward orders and production snowballed.

In order to accomodate the large demand ,in 1968 production of Islanders commenced in Romania.In 1970 the Trislander,a three engined "stretch" version was launched,the first aircraft G-ATWU making it's first flight on 11 September 1970.

Unfortunately financial problems arose in 1971 which forced the company into recievershipand eventual sale to the Fairey Company.This was the first of several ownership changes over the next 30 years,the latest being the sale to Saudi owners in 2000.Nonetheless production has continued fairly continuously throughout with only relatively minor stoppages.Many of the aircraft(over 500) have been constructed in Romania,only coming to Bembridge for fitting out,whilst others were assembled in Belgium and the Phillipines.

Full production details for the 1200+ aircraft so far produced are really beyond the scope of this website but information may be obtained from B N Historians website.

A further new aircraft was the BN-3 Nymph(picture below)which made it's first flight at Bembridge on May 17th 1969 .However only the prototype was built.Other proposed designs were the BN-4, a larger Islander type capable of carrying 21 people, and the Mainlander, three engined STOL prop-jet for up to 100 passengers.>

A Britten-Norman subsidiary company Aero Composites Ltd (ACL),started assembly of the Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft in 2005 and delivered the 50th aircraft in November 2006.

In addition ,more detailed information about the ownership history of the company may be found at the Britten-Norman Group website

One other Britten-Norman product must be mentioned for the sake of completeness.In the 60s during the early upsurge of interest in hovercraft,B-N built two such machines,the CC-1 Cushioncraft and the CC-2 Cushioncraft.They are included here because they held UK civil aircraft registrations,- The CC-1 was G-APYH(c/n C1) and the CC2 was G-ARSM (c/n 7).

Above left :the BN-1F G-ALZE.....and,right:BN-2B Islander VP-FBI of FIGAS

BN-2A Mk.III G-BDWV Trislander of Aurigney Air Services

BN-3 Nymph 115 G-AXFB(c/n 5001).
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