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Code GASN(till 1960) then EGHJ.Lat/Long 50 40 60N/01 05 90W .Grid ref SZ 631868 . 55 feet ASL.

RUNWAYS Originally grass - N/S(2340Ft),E/W and NNE/SSW,later. - 12/08 Concrete 2746x75 ft.

Bembridge showing layout present day

Bembridge Airport opened in 1920 on land owned by Bembridge Farm.In 1921 the airfield became a licenced aerodrome and was listed as "approved"by the Automobile Association by 1933 with available runway of 600 yds.In 1934 airline services were commenced by Spartan Airlines and terminal facilities were built.In the following 5 years other airlines(Portsmouth Southsea and Isle of Wight Aviation and Channel Air Ferries ),operated into Bembridge.However when WW2 started Bembridge was closed and the landing area was obstructed by ditches to prevent the use of the airfield in the event of invasion.

Post war,the airfield reopened in 1946,but airline services did not resume.however ,general aviation activities continued.In the 60s Britten Norman started manufacturing Islanders (and later ,Trislanders) at their factory on the north side of the field.Eventually a concrete runway (the only one on the Island) was laid.In spite of a somewhat chequered financial history and a succession of ownership changes,Islanders are still in production today,with over 1200 built.

A Britten-Norman subsidiary company Aero Composites Ltd (ACL),started assembly of the Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft in 2005 and delivered the 50th aircraft in November 2006.

General aviation also continues to be a major part of Bembridge's business,particularly during the summer .

At the end of 2010 control of the airfield , which had been in the hands of Britten-Norman, reverted to Bembridge Airport Ltd.The new management, Vectis Gliding Club Ltd., have taken a positive approach to running the airport which is open to all PPR traffic.For more information vist the Bembridge Airport website.

BEMBRIDGE AIRPORT.Britten Normans works just visible at top right,and General aviation area at lower right.
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